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Designed for commercial, built for your business
Mixer Amplifier with DSP, Bluetooth and more, for commercial sound application
Mono mixing amplifier


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CAD Files
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Materials are corresponding to Firmware version 191030 or later.
“Software Tool”
■Product Features

■PC configuration software tool
 Equipment needed for PC configuration

 ・Windows® 7 or later PC with USB interface
 ・USB to RS232C converter cable and RS232C(female) to mini jack converter cable
 ・PC driver software that matches the converter cable


■Main features of PC configuration software tool (PC App)

・Standard PC configuration software (previously each installer needed to find their own solution) 
・Completely new ISCP command specification sheet for easy-to-understand manner
・You can set each item one by one and save all items together in one file after setting is completed
・You can copy the saved settings to another amplifier, for improved efficiency and no human error
・When applying the same settings to more than one unit, setup process time can be reduced from
    max. 10 minutes to approx. 30 seconds
・Settings can be extracted from the installed unit and save to a file
・By managing different setting files for each projects, you can quickly respond to additional orders

    and/or sudden replacements in the event of a failure

ヘッディング 6

■[Details of the 3 new features]

1)Bluetooth® Master Mode

This mode allows only certain device to connect (e.g. Café owner’s tablet).

2)Bluetooth® Hotel Mode
Like in hotel rooms where you can playback your favorite music as a background music, this mode will erase all previously paired device history when the customer check-out from the hotel and leaves the room.
It will avoid unintended connection with the amplifier in the room they have stayed in the past, even when the same customer comes back and stays in another room within the Bluetooth® connection range. 
3)Bluetooth® Friendly Name changing function
Installers can change the amplifier’s preset name [Onkyo MCA 1120] displayed on the customer’s device to any preferred name, when connecting to Bluetooth® (Pairing). Facilities like hotels where multiple amplifiers are installed, it will be easier for the customers to identify the unit by replacing the Friendly name to [Hotel name + room number] etc.
■Optional Kit
Rack Mounting Accessory
・Optional rack mounting kit for 1U size
・Apply both one unit or two unit installation
■Frequently Asked Questions
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